Archery Alliance was formed in 2004 to promote Archery.

  • Supporting & servicing the archery Communities, Clubs & Associations
  • Participating & supporting National, Regional & International Archery
  • Tournament, Seminar & Course


Archery Alliance is the event organiser of the following Archery Tournaments:

  • Archery Youth Open (Singapore)
  • Indoor Archery Youth Cup ( International)
  • Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 2 (International)
  • Indoor Archery BareBow Cup (International)

world-archeryHaving an agreement with World Archery Federation, Archery Alliance, since 2011 the Event Organiser of Indoor Archery World Cup Stage 2 (Asia Continent).

It is one of the Partners of the 4 Stages of Indoor Archery World Cup.

  • Stage 1 Africa Continent (Marrakesh, Morocco)
  • Stage 2 Asia Continent (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Stage 3 Europe Continent (Nimes, France)
  • Stage 4 America Continent (Las Vegas, USA)


Archery Alliance is in Partnership with ActiveSG (Sport Singapore)

active-sgOffering individuals, families, and Communities opportunities to experience archery through participating in leisure shooting, seminar, courses and team building event.